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The Intel Security OEM Alliance program puts our expertise at your service—and puts industry-leading Intel Security protection into a broad spectrum of existing and emerging products for endpoints, servers, data, and the network. This coverage includes embedded devices spread across a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, energy, and financial services.

As an Intel Security OEM Alliance partner, you can count on our robust protection, deep experience, and 24/7 threat-blocking vigilance. By embedding or reselling Intel Security solutions, you better serve your customers and gain a distinct advantage over your competition.

Become an OEM Partner

Key Benefits

When you work with Intel Security as an OEM Alliance partner, we help assess your needs and create a tailor-made solution. We offer a number of sales incentive programs with predictable and consistent earnings expectations. Many of these programs can be used together and allow our resellers to manage their margin with Intel Security. Additionally, we offer OEM partners:

  • Technical design teams to assist you with analysis, integration, and development.
  • Business development expertise to assist with go-to-market strategy and execution.
  • Access to a rich array of tools, such as product collateral, training materials, and market research to help you better market your product or service.
  • Assistance in creating your marketing materials for print and the web.
  • Dedicated partner technical support for prompt answers to questions 24/7.
  • The worldwide 24/7 vigilance of McAfee Labs, our top-ranked global research team that spots existing and emerging threats and provides remediation to keep you ahead of hackers and exploits.

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OEM Solutions

Because each field presents unique security challenges, Intel Security offers a full spectrum of solutions. To learn more about how we can help you, look at the left column below to locate your industry, and then skim across to see what we offer.

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OEM Product or Service McAfee Embedded Security McAfee Anti-Virus SDK (VirusScan) McAfee Trusted Source (McAfee SmartFilter) McAfee Network Security McAfee Data Protection
Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
Because ATMs must sustain a secure, highly available, and PCI-compliant environment, Intel Security delivers zero-day threat protection throughout the ATM lifecycle.
Because advanced systems, including navigation, are common in both consumer and commercial transportation industries, we secure these systems from malware and unauthorized modification.
Communication Devices
Communication devices are becoming computing devices, and we protect these devices just as we secure traditional computing systems.
Cloud Computing
As data center resources move out to the cloud, Intel Security moves with them, delivering security to cloud service providers and their customers.
Energy/Smart Grid/SCADA
Smart grid systems face the same challenges as traditional embedded systems. Intel Security ensures these systems sustain availability, security, and compliance.
Gaming Systems
Advanced gaming systems rely on embedded operating systems that are threatened by malware and unauthorized changes. We secure these systems and enforce software change policies.
Managed Security Service Providers/Telcos (MSSP/MSP)
MSPs take the security burden off the enterprise customer. Intel Security helps these OEMs bolster their protections while cutting costs.
Medical Devices
Medical devices that run embedded operating systems must sustain high availability, performance, and compliance. Intel Security provides transparent security and control for these devices.
Multifunction Devices (MFD) (printers, scanners, etc.)
MFD OEMs need to maintain device accountability, increase device longevity, and sustain compliance with PCI, HIPAA, and federal regulations. Intel Security provides zero-day threat protection and control for these devices.
Network Equipment
Network equipment devices, such as switches and routers, are most secure when robust protection is built in from the start.
Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
Because retailers must meet PCI compliance across POS systems running embedded operating systems, Intel Security helps POS OEMs ship a secure, PCI-compliant device to retailers.
Process Control
Process control solutions are often found in front of assembly lines, and as with other fixed-function systems, availability and control are essential. Intel Security prevents unwanted changes to these systems.
Secure Gateway & Messaging
Secure gateway and messaging devices provide specific security functions alongside other network equipment at the perimeter. We provide the security elements for these devices.
Storage & Removable Media (USB)
Storage servers and USB drives require protection from tampering, malware, and unauthorized access and change. We secure these devices with antivirus, encryption, and embedded security technology.