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Advanced Threat Analysis

McAfee is a leader in the Forrester Wave for Automated Malware Analysis

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Advanced Threat Analysis for Every Environment

Threat Detection Powered by the Cloud

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How Collaboration Can Optimize Security Operations

Integrated sandboxing and analysis tools are just the start. See how these technologies can drive stronger threat protection and response.

Advanced Threat Analysis Products

Advanced threat detection solutions from McAfee identify sophisticated malware and convert threat information into action and protection. These solutions optimize existing security investments by enhancing detection with advanced malware inspection techniques, including in-depth static code analysis and machine learning that improve sandboxing capabilities and broaden detection of highly camouflaged, evasive threats.

Tight integration between our advanced threat detection solutions and other McAfee products lowers costs and reduces the time between detection and correction, converting malware identifications into protection to thwart similar attacks. Flexible deployment options support every network—physical, virtual, and cloud.

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

Detect sophisticated malware and automate protection and investigation workflows to correct and recover post-attack. McAfee Advanced Threat Defense provides in-depth static code analysis that enhances behavioral malware analysis and sandboxing capabilities to detect hidden, evasive threats. This unparalleled analysis generates both summary reports that help you understand the scope of an attack and prioritize actions, and highly detailed reports with analyst-grade data on malware.

McAfee Cloud Threat Detection

This convenient cloud service plugs into existing McAfee solutions to identify advanced malware and automate protection. With the efficiencies of a cloud-based solution, you can easily take advantage of significant compute horsepower to operate an array of the latest analysis techniques to enhance detection and optimize existing security investments.