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The first and most vital step toward a new security paradigm is understanding the attackers.

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Learn how to protect Android applications with securely written code.

Low Hanging Fruits: The Top Five Easiest Ways to Hack or Get Hacked

See the common ways that hackers can gain a foothold into a network.

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McAfee Professional Services

IT security is not a game of chance, it’s a game of skill. And like all games that require skill and experience, good preparation is a core component of ultimate success. In today’s fast-paced cyberworld, we know IT security professionals are spread thin and preparation can often be sacrificed, which is where our professional services team comes in. Armed with the latest tools, strategies, and knowledge to address your global security needs, our comprehensive services include everything from incident response and security risk assessments to comprehensive, customized deployments and training. We offer a full range of services that span the entire McAfee portfolio of solutions and ensure you get heightened visibility into your overall security posture.

Our Services

Foundstone Services

Foundstone security consultants are seasoned experts skilled at identifying network and application vulnerabilities, providing remediation recommendations, and helping organizations design iron-clad security programs and enforceable policies.

Solution Services

McAfee product consultants offer the expertise you need to properly plan, design, and implement security technologies so you can feel confident that you are gaining the most from your investments in McAfee solutions.

Education Services

Education services courseware developers and instructors design and deliver product training and security education to help fortify your security defenses. Gain the critical skills necessary to deploy and administer your security solutions through formal instructor-led training and self-paced courses, and then validate these skills with industry-recognized certifications.

Managed Security Services

Our managed security services provides industry-leading outsourced management and monitoring of security devices and systems for organizations looking for around-the-clock visibility of their infrastructure. Backed by a team of security experts, we quickly identify gaps and potential threats to your network and enhance your security posture.

Advanced Programs Group

Our Advanced Programs Group specializes in investigating targeted intrusions performed by the most advanced threat groups. We use the intelligence gathered from McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Private Cloud capabilities, in conjunction with the experience of intelligence professionals, to provide actionable intelligence of developing threats, trends, and vectors.

Free Security Tools

At McAfee, we are committed to helping increase enterprise security whether or not you use our products or solutions. To foster a safer online experience for all, we offer a variety of free penetration testing and digital forensics tools to enhance your software development efforts. For more details, read the Free Tools End User License Agreement.


Used for penetration testing Active MQ-based JMS applications.


Written for proxmark3, extend currently available firmware to support brute force attacks against proximity card access control systems.


A specialized tool to detect and remove specific viruses on infected systems.

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