Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense

Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense

Advanced endpoint protection that’s comprehensive, simplified, and seamless

Combat emerging threats and simplify operations

Isolated solutions can't keep up with sophisticated, emerging threats. Tactical security firefighting can be replaced with integrated, multi-stage defenses that adapt to outsmart attackers.

Through a single management experience, deploy cutting-edge protection against the most advanced threats, and use native endpoint detection and response to find and correct hidden attacks in seconds, not months. Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense from McAfee is built on a closed loop system that automatically shares threat intelligence between connected components to detect, resolve, and adapt to new attack strategies faster, with a fraction of the effort and resources currently needed for endpoint security.

Mastering the Endpoint

Discover how to master endpoint security with recommendations from Forrester.

Better threat protection, combined with detection and response on a single agent

Outsmart attackers with integrated threat defense

Our integrated multi-stage protection collaborates, shares threat insights, and takes action to efficiently combat future threats. Established capabilities such as firewall, reputation, and heuristics work collaboratively with cutting-edge machine learning and containment to stop the most advanced attacks.

Expose and investigate hidden threats

Uncover threats that are hiding in your environment with real-time detection and response, featuring single-click correction. By combining next-generation protection with the ability to hunt and respond to threats on every endpoint, attack footholds can be neutralized—whether they're actively propagating, lying in wait, or covering their tracks to avoid detection.

Increase capacity and reduce complexity

Resolve more threats faster with broad visibility, unified workflows, and action in a single view. By re-imagining endpoint security, McAfee has created a consolidated and integrated platform for endpoint defense. Through a single-agent architecture with deep integration and automation, historic silos between once-isolated capabilities are eliminated to enhance efficiency and protection.

Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense offerings

McAfee Endpoint Protection

McAfee Endpoint Protection suites emphasize integration, automation, and orchestration as the foundation of the threat defense lifecycle. Harnessing the power of machine learning, heuristics, and reputation to detect zero-day threats as they emerge, endpoint defense is streamlined to quickly expose and remediate advanced attacks.

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McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense & Response

Combine next-generation protection capabilities with the ability to hunt and respond to threats on every endpoint—whether they’re actively propagating, lying in wait, or covering their tracks to avoid detection.

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McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

Detonate unknown files and applications in a safe environment to expose hidden threats, and instantly adapt the environment to protect against them.

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McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange

Combine comprehensive threat intelligence and organization-wide context to pinpoint where threats are attempting to establish a foothold and close the exposure gap from days to milliseconds.

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McAfee Web Protection

Use inline file emulation to unmask advanced, previously unknown threats hidden in internet traffic—in milliseconds, without signatures. Prevent 99.5% of zero-day malware in internet traffic from ever reaching your endpoints.

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Weaknesses: None that we found
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McAfee Endpoint Security achieved a Security Effectiveness rating of 98.98%.
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Defend Against the Unknown

Discover a new kind of endpoint protection built for a new generation of threats. Integrated tools use machine learning and aggregated intelligence sources to provide deeper insights and faster, coordinated response.

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McAfee Endpoint Security—Dynamic Endpoint

Simplify your security operations by using a single security management console and integrated advanced threat defenses.

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Integrate and Accelerate Endpoint Threat Defense

Detect, resolve, and adapt to new attack strategies much faster, with a fraction of the effort and resources currently needed for effective security.

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