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The Challenge of Security Systems Sprawl

Optimizing Security Operations Response:
Make the most of your team’s time and talent to sustainably manage threats

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Detecting and managing increasingly sophisticated attacks is more difficult than ever as your security operations teams grapple with siloed, distributed, and complex security and IT infrastructure. They must surf the flood of data available from endpoints, cloud services, and critical environments, including data centers, manufacturing floors, and integrated control systems. Organizational and technical boundaries can make access to security data slow and erratic, impeding response and delaying remediation.

We took a recent survey of 565 security decision makers and found that it takes an average of eight working days, or 64 hours, for a security investigation, from detection to return to health. And, on average, security decision makers use four tools to get the job done, with many using more than a dozen.

A Blueprint to Continuously Optimize Security Operations

Embrace an adaptive security architecture

In order to bridge operational and data silos, an effective strategy requires an adaptive security architecture that embraces the present, while evolving with new technologies to continually mitigate risks.

A security platform that is ready and open for action

Open interfaces and automated scripting allow for new capabilities to merge with existing systems and processes. Integrations enable more effective threat detection, triage, and analysis, orchestrating the data, systems, and decision-making required for actionable and intelligent security operations.

Gain real-time insight for fast results

With smash-and-grab tactics proliferating, insights that allow security operations teams to take action quickly are imperative. Integrated threat intelligence feeds and analytics provide visibility into files, processes, system changes, and indicators of compromise that enable teams to take action directly.

Automate to help lighten the load

Automated workflows, scripts, and tasks translate approved processes into efficient and timely actions. Each immediate, automated response can compress triage, scoping, and containment times—and even stop an attack in progress within seconds.

Our Solutions

Integrate Security Infrastructure

Empower your security layers to collaborate and deliver stronger protection, detection, and response by enabling technology and process integrations across your environment.

Automate Incident Response

Compress your triage, scoping, and containment times when you translate processes into efficient actions using automated workflows, scripts, and tasks.

Intelligent Advanced Threat Management

Enable faster and smarter threat prioritization, investigation, and response by using integrated data shared across your IT infrastructure, including global threat intelligence feeds, organizational intelligence, and real-time threat information.

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Sustainable Security Operations

Adopt an optimized approach to security infrastructure that encourages collaboration and visibility across the enterprise.

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