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The Growing Challenge of Data Protection

You’ve seen the headlines. A name-brand company discloses they have been the target of cyberattack that resulted in the theft of sensitive customer data. The aftershocks of the data breach continue with negative stories in the press, angry customers, financial penalties, and immeasurable damage to the company’s reputation.

While the mere threat of a breach is enough to keep you up at night, protecting your data requires more than simply defending against potential hackers. An effective data protection strategy must address:

  • The increasing complexity of malware—Today’s malware uses sophisticated tactics that make data breach attempts more successful. If hackers gain access, you must layer additional protections to ensure your data is unusable to outsiders.
  • Mobile devices and cloud services—Your data is now far off your network on employee smartphones and in the cloud, making it challenging to know exactly where that data resides and who has access to it.
  • Compliance requirements—Industry regulations and evolving privacy laws, which vary by country, demand constant attention. In addition to passing audits, you may need to show proof of compliance to data privacy regulations in order to do business with a supplier, distributor, or other partner.

A New Approach to Protecting & Managing Data

Control and monitor data on and beyond your network

Mobile devices and cloud services have eliminated the traditional network perimeter. Implement effective policies that govern the flow and use of data across on-premises applications, file servers, cloud applications, and all endpoints.

Implement strong data protection technologies

Monitor channels of data loss and lock down critical data with enterprise-grade encryption, ensuring that it is unusable to hackers.

Demonstrate proof of compliance

Keep up with continually evolving compliance and data privacy regulations, and ensure you have the right framework in place to both pass audits and prove to third-parties that you are compliant.

Solve the data protection business problem

Keeping data safe requires more than just technology. A successful data protection program addresses how your business treats data and implements metrics for success.

Our Data Protection Solutions

Data Visibility & Control

Find out where your data resides and regain control. Deploy and manage a common set of data protection policies with a single management console.

Prevent Data Breaches

With a deep set of encryption and data loss prevention technologies, McAfee provides an additional layer of security for your data, ensuring it is protected in transit and unusable to hackers.

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